February 5 2014: Chapter 4 Point 4 – The Second Step Is Just As Important

Theme: The first step is key, but the second step is just as important. Lots of people take the first step, don’t see any immediate success, and quit. How many people have the strength and courage to take the second step?

First Assignment: Discussion and Reflection:

Review the steps on p. 62 that Allison took to be successful: • She adjusted her course. When she didn’t get a paying job at first, she took an unpaid internship. That experience led to a paying job later on. • She was persistent. Looking for a job is one of the hardest things in life for anyone of any age, but Alison didn’t give up. • She started at the bottom. She took the first job offered to her, even if it was the lowest paid position in the company. • She put up with difficulty on the job. Her feet were killing her, but she still showed up. • She created her own luck. By not giving up and taking action, she put herself in the position to take advantage of a better job when it came around.


• Would you have persisted, like Alison, or given up? Why?

• Have you ever looked for or had a job? How was the experience similar to or different from Alison’s?

• What’s the main point you learned from her story?

Action Steps (p. 62)

• Have you ever been afraid to take a second step toward a goal? • What could help you take it?

Think About It (p. 64) – You may complete this in the book or on your blog.


Second Assignment: Use one of the quotes below in any of your blog posts for today …


Third Assignment: Please write a 75 word blog post explaining why you feel (or do not feel) that HDMS provides you with an opportunity to be successful now and in the future. Please refer to the ADOLESCENT MONTESSORI EXPECTATIONS section in the Student Planner and the Mission in the Handbook. Both are located on the HDMS website … http://www.hdmsreno.com/#!middle-school/c14hf 


Fourth Assignment: Create a bucket list for yourself. You may do this on paper or on your blog. Here are a few articles about bucket lists with some samples.




http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=14000100 .. This is a long radio interview. Please stop listening after they speak with the producer of The Bucket List movie. Feel free to listen to this as you are reading the other article and creating your list.

And my own twist on a Bucket List … http://camilladowns.com/about/team-tlc-bucket-lists/


Final Assignments:

1. Complete assignments from Tuesday that you did not get finished. Go here to review … https://theirview.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/february-4-2014-chapter-4-point-3-make-the-steps-as-small-as-you-can/

2. Make sure I see your Success Photo of the Day!

3. Please revisit Friday’s work if you didn’t get finished:


and then choose a topic or question to write a 100 word blog post about:


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